Pope Francis


The “poor in spirit” are those who know they cannot rely on themselves, that they are not self-sufficient. They feel their need for God and recognize every good that comes from Him as a gift, as a grace. #GospelOfTheDay (Mt 5:1-12) #Beatitudes
As Christians we must radiate the beauty of God’s love everywhere through our lives. Faith is not a privilege to be claimed, but a gift to be shared.
The memory of the extermination of millions of Jewish people and people of other faiths must neither be forgotten nor denied. There can be no fraternity without first dispelling the roots of hatred and violence that fueled the horror of the Holocaust. #HolocaustRemembranceDay
On the hundredth anniversary of the proclamation of Saint #FrancisdeSales as patron of journalists, let us #PrayTogether that journalists might be inspired by this saint toward tenderness, toward the search and narration of truth with courage and freedom.
If, following the example of the Apostle Paul, we desire that the grace of God in us not be in vain (cf. 1 Cor 15:10), we must be opposed to war, to violence and to injustice wherever they begin to appear. #UnityOfChristians
What is the shortest way to encounter Jesus? Make yourself needy. Recognize your need for grace, your need for forgiveness, your need for joy. And Jesus will draw near to you. #GeneralAudience
В эти месяцы украинский народ всегда присутствует в моих молитвах. Я молюсь вместе с вами и о вас, дорогие украинские братья, о завтрашнем дне мира, в котором экономические и политические интересы, порождающие войну, наконец уступят место общему благу народов. #Украина #мир
Протягом цих місяців народ #України постійно присутній у моїх молитвах. Молюся з вами і за вас, дорогі брати й сестри українці, за завтрашній день #миру, в якому економічні та політичні інтереси, що породжують війну, нарешті поступляться місцем спільному благу народів.
In these months, the people of #Ukraine are always in my prayers. I pray with you and for you, dear brothers and sisters of Ukraine, for a future of #peace, one in which economic and political interests that generate war will finally give way to the good of the people.
To be Christians under the sign of the cross spurs all believers in Christ to cultivate communion at every level, in the name of the God who embraces all with his mercy. #Prayer #UnityOfChristians
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