Pope Francis


Let us #PrayTogether that volunteer non-profit and human development organizations may find people willing to commit themselves to the common good and ceaselessly seek out new paths of international cooperation. #PrayerIntention #ClickToPray https://t.co/s26gUq9dHw
On the Feast of the Apostle Andrew, I would like to express my affection to my dear brother Patriarch Bartholomew I and to the Church of Constantinople. May the intercession of the brothers, Saints Peter and Andrew, obtain full unity for the Church and peace for the entire world.
Before the day's end, let us learn how to read what has happened during that day in the book of our hearts -- not in newspapers, but in my heart. #Discernment
God conceals himself in the most ordinary situations of our lives. He does not come in extraordinary events, but in everyday things: our daily work, a chance encounter, someone in need... That's where the Lord is, who calls to us and inspires our actions. #Advent
Season of #Advent, let us be shaken out of our torpor to recognize God’s present in daily situations. If we are unaware of his coming today, we will also be unprepared when He arrives at the end of time. Let us remain vigilant!
Let us not tire of saying no to war, no to violence, yes to dialogue, yes to #peace: in particular for the martyred Ukrainian people. Yesterday we remembered the tragedy of the Holodomor.
Violence kills the future. I hope that the Israeli and Palestinian authorities will more readily take to heart the pursuit of dialogue, building mutual trust, without which there will never be a solution for #peace in the #HolyLand.
In the #GospelOfTheDay we hear a promise that introduces us to the Time of #Advent: “Your Lord is coming” (Mt 24:42). This is the foundation of our hope, it is what supports us even in the most difficult moments: God is coming. Let us never forget this!
During this #Advent Season, let us ask the Lord to help us keep the lamp of faith alit in our lives, to be prepared to receive him, and that he fill us with peace and joy.
Acts of violence and exploitation directed at women are not merely wrong. They are crimes that destroy the harmony, the harmony and beauty that God wished to bestow on the world.
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